Words of Praise!

What are people saying about Felicity Birthing Services?


“Evelyn was extremely helpful, knowledgeable about focus and relaxation techniques.  She kept me on task and took notes throughout.  Words cannot describe how helpful she was, paying attention to what I needed to do.  Evelyn was such a blessing to have during that special and intense time.’ ~ MB

“She [Evelyn] was very attentive and calming.  Very easy to work with.  I enjoyed this delivery very much!” ~ Dr. G

“You did a great job and I really enjoyed the class. I think it has helped increase my confidence for pain management during labor.  I really appreciated your honesty and openness and you’re a great teacher.” ~ SS

“I enjoyed the mix of information presentation, activities and videos as it made it feel less like a class. I also appreciated the additional information that we were provided with in terms of pamphlets and email links etc. I feel that I am much more prepared than I would have been just from reading books and would definitely recommend it to others.” ~BC

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